Why I Love the ‘Goat!

Another Mountain Goat is in the books. What a year it has been. This was my fifth year in a row running this race and I cannot imagine that running these hilly ten miles will ever get old.
The Mountain Goat Run is the quintessential Syracuse challenge. Runners are united by the urge to conquer each of the hills on the Goat as crowds look on and cheer from the start to the very end.
The Mountain Goat is as much of a mental challenge as it is a physical challenge. I honestly cannot imagine climbing up Colvin without the support of the drummers or getting to the top of Thornden without the constant reminder that I have only this one last hill to go. Let's not forget about the amazing cheering section from the Strathmore neighborhood. And the volunteers! You cannot have a Mountain Goat Run without such energetic and supportive Goat Herders. An immense amount of community support shines bright during this event.
Numerous high fives were handed out, medals earned, personal records broken, and terrible race photos revealed (I don't really look like that when I run, do I?). The 41st Mountain has concluded, but a part of me has to admit that I am already looking forward to next year's run. It is always a challenge and always an adventure.

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