Tony Martin and the Strathmore Neighborhood

Tony Martin

The Mountain Goat Run would not exist without the hundreds of volunteers supporting the event.  It takes nine months of planning and over 500 volunteers that spend three-to-ten hours each on Race Day alone.  Tony Martin along with the Strathmore Neighborhood exemplifies the volunteer spirit that makes the Mountain Goat an iconic Syracuse event.  Tony has been volunteering at the Mountain Goat himself for over 35 years!  His wife ran three or four Mountain Goat Races and Tony “just ran” the practice runs with her.  He was her “corner” person cheering her on with his cup of coffee at the corner where they live when this unknown guy (later identified as Hall of Famer, Jerry Smith) came running by and yelled out “you there, don’t let the bus cross here and cut off the runners!”  Tony thought, ‘ok, I can do that’.  And so it began.

Together with Bob Nicholson, the Goat relationship grew.  Tony and Bob rallied the Strathmore neighborhood via the Neighborhood Association and the Strathmore Men’s’ Athletic Club to the point where almost 3 miles of the course is staffed with nearly 70 neighborhood volunteers.  They also support every training run during April. Strathmore also boasts a long operating water station headed up by Dennis Brogan, and since 2008 the Goat Fest, a neighborhood rally, put on by the Men’s Club, along the course on Strathmore Drive where runners are toasted & cheered on.

Tony has been a “day of” volunteer at several local races over the years and has been deeply involved with Paige’s Butterfly Run and the Strathmore Parks Run.  He has been a member of the Song Mountain ski patrol for over 20 years holding leadership positions including Chief of the Hill.  Tony is also an officer on the Board of the CNY Region of the National Ski Patrol.

When not volunteering Tony likes to run as well and is a regular at the Fleet Feet Hotfeet sessions during the summer.  His favorite races to participate include the Boilermaker & Wineglass and locally, Teal There’s a Cure.

Tony credits the Mountain Goat leadership, Bob Nicholson and the great people of the Strathmore Neighborhood for all the success and enjoyment realized from participating as a volunteer with the great event that the Mountain Goat has become.

The Syracuse Track Club and Paige’s Butterfly Run can attest to the hours Tony volunteers and many runners recognize Tony along many of the race routes here in Syracuse.  Tony Martin, a retired accountant, and former Army Captain represents the best of volunteerism.