Randy Clark

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It has been said many times that there would be no Mountain Goat Run today if it were not for Dunn Tire.  In 2005 volunteers acquired the Mountain Goat Run from the Syracuse YMCA.  The newly formed Mountain Goat Run Foundation had great plans but no money.  Fortunately, volunteer and 2018 inductee Jerry Smith grew up in Fayetteville as a child with Randy Clark who purchased the 11 store Dunn Tire business in 1996.  With one phone call from Jerry, Randy agreed to have Dunn Tire became a sponsor of the Mountain Goat and a few years later, the title sponsor. To those that know Randy, this commitment should come as no surprise as the Dunn Tire brand is ingrained in each of the communities they serve.  Dunn Tire supports breast cancer awareness, holiday food drives and many other community projects in Buffalo, Rochester, Auburn, Syracuse and Erie Pennsylvania.

Since acquiring Dunn Tire in 1996, Randy and his team have grown to 30 stores, 500 full time employees and 40 part time employees. The Dunn Tire name has become synonymous with world class service and community engagement.

This is not the first hall of fame Randy has been induced in as he was recognized in 2012 when he was inducted into the tire industry hall of fame.

The support of Dunn Tire has allowed the Mountain Goat Run Foundation to donate over $150,000 to community charities and to create the Mountain Goat Hall of Fame and this beautiful monument.