FAQs- Relay Race

The Mountain Goat features a two person relay race! This exciting event will allow you to tackle half the course while pairing up with a friend or colleague to complete ‘The Goat’. Each runner will run a five mile leg, with an exchange to occur in Kirk Park.

Each runner’s time is tracked by your bib. The team will have two splits: the five mile time and the total team time. The exchange will feature handoff of a “wristband” in Kirk Park, roughly at the 5 mile mark.  The first team member will hand this off to the second team member in a “coned” area. There will be bathroom facilities available at the Exchange Zone. Medical personnel will be on the course and quickly available in the event of an emergency. There is a water stop nearby, as well as bottled water on hand.

Note- please avoid the area surrounding the five mile mark to avoid any impact to our timing systems.

Start with everyone else and have fun! You’ll see signs for the exchange zone as you turn onto Kirk Avenue. Once you hand off your wrist band to your other team member, a bus will be waiting to take you back to Clinton Square.   Please make sure you check in with the relay volunteers when you complete your leg- we want to ensure that you get back to the starting area safely and that no one is left behind. The buses will drop participants off within a few blocks of the finish line. Note- the buses will depart/return to Kirk Park at the sole discretion of the Relay Race Director.

The Mountain Goat will bus you down to the exchange zone prior to the start of the race. Two buses will be parked at the corner of Clinton & Water Street, near the Federal Building.  Buses will leave Clinton Square for Kirk Park at 9AM sharp– please make sure you are on the bus with time to spare. Please check in with the volunteers so we can ensure we get you to the exchange zone safely and that no one is left behind.  Once you get the wristband, run with everyone else and have fun!

The buses will be parked on Clinton Street near the Federal Building. Please look for the signs and ask any volunteers on Race Day. As noted- buses will leave Clinton Square at 9AM SHARP. Note– there IS NO PARKING AVAILABLE AT KIRK PARK– so please ensure you are on time for the bus.

The Mountain Goat accepts no liability or responsibility for ANYTHING brought onto the buses by our relay runners. Should any personal items be left on the bus, they will be returned to the Bag check near Clinton Square.

YES!  The second relay team member will be given TWO medals after they cross the finish line. In case a mistake is made- please follow up and we’ll ensure you receive your medal.

Please make sure your bib is facing front and visible. It helps us notify the second relay runner that you are approaching…

Drop us a line via ‘contact us’ on our website. Also, our volunteers will be prepared to handle questions during packet pick-up.