Training with the November Project

Wednesday mornings are my favorite mornings. Spent a sunny 6:15 am doing ladder drills, strength exercises and some running with Syracuse’s chapter of the November Project. Normally I get to spend Wednesdays running hills up to the reservoir, but today I got to do run-to-sprint intervals around the football field at Thornden Park. Speed work … Read moreTraining with the November Project

Mountain Goat History The Mountain Goat Story As a part of an early morning fitness class at the downtown YMCA a small group of people added a jog around a few of Syracuse’s city blocks.  As their fitness improved, distance was added along with four city parks covering all the highest points in Syracuse.  The two highest … Read moreMountain Goat History

Like the Mountain Goat? Then you’ll LOVE the SuperGoat Run!

SAVE the DATE- On April 7th 2019 we will be running the SuperGoat and NannyGoat!! 8am meet up at The MOST For SuperGoat Status you will need to run to all 4 parks: MOST -> Woodland Reservoir -> MOST -> Lincoln Park -> MOST -> Burnet Park -> MOST -> Thorden Park -> MOST! Click HERE for an interactive approximate map … Read moreLike the Mountain Goat? Then you’ll LOVE the SuperGoat Run!