Advice from a Mountain Goat Pro Runner!


This is a special blog post from Maegan Krifchin - a 4 time female winner of the Mountain goat!

'I wish I could join you all today for this run, but I am thinking of you and am there in spirit!
The work is done!  It’s basically race week, so this run and this weeks focus is all about race day imagery.
We want to visualize that finish line, we want to visualize pushing hard up those hills and fighting when it hurts.
We need to prepare ourselves, mind, body and soul for the pain and fun we are going to endure.
Think about all those fans all throughout town cheering us along.  I’m excited just thinking about running through a town and city I love so much and getting flashbacks of memories I love most.
We need to think about all the training we put into this race and not let it go to waste.  Conserve your energy this week, resist temptations for that extra beer or treat and save it for the post race party scene.
Conserve your energy, rest up, no need for extra miles, remember, nothing that you do this week will make you fitter, but resting, recovery, fueling, hydrating will all help!
Picture yourself executing your race plan and then go out and do it! You can! Believe in yourself and the training you’ve put in each week.
If the going gets tough, keep your head up, look for the next runner up ahead and try to catch them, then keep doing it.  We are all stronger than we give ourselves credit for, we owe it to ourselves for a great race and great day out there!
Enjoy this week! Come say hello to me after the race!!'

-Maegan Krifchin

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