Need some encouragement?  We will be posting 40 amazing reasons to run the Mountain Goat between now and race day!  Keep checking our site every week for the newest reasons.

Reason #1

This is the big one, Running Over the Hill for 40 years! This year marks our 40th anniversary. Come out and share in the history!

Reason #2

All who register by February 28, 2018 will be given a free entry for the popular 4 Week Training Series, which starts on Saturday April 7, 2018 at the MOST in Armory Square.

Reason #3

The Mountain Goat Hall of Fame monument stands in all of its glory, waiting for you to run by during the race on May 6th, 2018 and touch him for good luck. Many people also stopped to take a selfie with the new king of Onondaga Park.

Reason #4

Brendan Jackson, his wife Jenny and their son Seth started chalking the hill up to
Thornden Park a long time ago and the tradition continues. Look for your name or
your friends name, an inspirational message or something to make you laugh or cry.
It will all be there on the road as some of our great volunteers will run up the last
hill of the Goat with you.

Reason #5

If you have not signed up for either then 10 mile Mountain Goat Run or the 2 Person
Relay, we have a New Year’s Gift for you!
Sign up by 11:59PM on Tuesday January 2 nd and save $10 as rates go up on January
3 rd .
You know you will want to be on Salina Street on Sunday May 6 th for the 40 th Dunn
Tire Mountain Goat Run. Sign up now!

Reason #6

You can’t buy the smile you have when you finish the Goat right down the middle of Salina Street. The music will be blaring and our announcer will be calling your name!

Reason #7

Every 10-mile & relay runner gets a blanket, bag & pint glass all with this years theme “40 years running over the hill” on it!  The best part?  It’s all FREE with registration

Reason #8

The Strathmore Neighbors know how to throw a party! Neighbors, friends and the
Strathmore Men’s Athletic Club host a party during the Goat that runs from the start
of your first climb up Stolp Avenue, right through the Hall of Fame Statue in
Onondaga Park.
When you run through Strathmore you will see signs, hear rock and roll and
cow bells, and possibly see some live Goats!

Reason #9

FREE NYS Craft Beer at the Dunn Tire after party to all runners 21+

Reason #10

Make it a family event! Get the littles off the couch & into the Mountain Goat Kids Run! Entice them with our cute stuffed goat for sale.

Reason #11

Come out and train with a celebrity! Our own Emmy award-winning journalist Matt Mulcahy will be joining out 4 training run series in April.

Reason #12

Nothing brings people together like powering through 10 uphill miles together! Come out and run with over 2,500 members of the Syracuse community and beyond. Build off each other’s momentum and conquer the Goat!

Reason #13

Celebrate one of our TEN mile sponsors, Syracuse ENT Surgeons!  Dr. Patrick Chiles has run the Mountain Goat and helped many athletes improve their exercise tolerance through better breathing abilities.  Check our Syracuse ENT Surgeons here

Reason #14

We’ve got hills!  Running our course will help you on the way to a summer 5K PR!

Reason #15

We offer you training runs for only $5 to preview the Mountain Goat course and get you geared up for race day!

Reason #16

Register for 3/1 and get $15 dollars off your race!  Use that extra dough to purchase some of our Goat apparel.

Reason #17

Celebrate one of our TEN mile sponsors, Orange Theory Fitness!  Don’t let the elements stand in the way of your training routine, become part of the Orange Theory Fitness family and take your training indoors or outdoors.  Check out Orange Theory Fitness here

Reason #18

We have a middle of the pack award!  Everyone deserves kudos for their Goat accomplishment, therefore we will be giving away an award for the person at the middle of the pack on race day!

Reason #19

Surprise giveaways!  Last week the 40th registrant was chosen to win a giant umbrella.  Keep your eyes peeled for more give away fun!

Reason #20

More prizes! It’s the 40th Running of the Goat so every fourth runner to register this week gets a print copy of a Coreen Steinbach original! World champion runner, Steinbach created a special piece just for the Mountain Goat.

Reason #21

Two awards for the price of one!  Finishers get the finisher metal AND  time bonus patch based on finishing under certain times!

Reason #22-27

Check out our video on the Mountain Goat Instagram page where Jean and Joe Cernese each share their top 3 reasons for running the Mountain Goat!

  1. Gives you a reason to get running even in the cold
  2. Love the early season training in the crisp air
  3. 10 miles is different than your ordinary 5k or half marathon!  It makes it more interesting and unique
  4. Love the challenge of the hills
  5. The community is incredible.  Everyone knows everyone!
  6. Love the crowds and camaraderie!

Reason #28

Big sale at Fleet Feet sports the weekend of the first training run! Go pick up your wrist band and hit the sale at the same time.

Reason #29

You can get your name custom printed onto your bib!  With your custom bib, everyone will know the name that goes with the accomplishment.

Reason #30

The first 2,500 people to sign up for the 10 mile or the relay race are GUARANTEED towels, totes and pints!

Reason #31

We are the only race in town that lets you preview the route in a training format with police and volunteer support!

Reason #32

Not only do all participants (21+) get wrist bands for free beer after the race, but spectators can purchase wrist bands!  Also, all volunteers get a wrist band in addition to the highly coveted GOAT HERDER shirt.  Sign up to volunteer for these great perks!

Reason #33

MORE prizes!  It is the 40th Running of the Goat, and we have prizes for the 40th finisher of the 10 Miler and for the 40th Relay finishing team!  Yup, that’s right – you get our newly designed medal-in-medal for finishing, you might get a time bonus patch AND you get a special commemorative prize for being the 40th across the 10 Miler finish line or for being the 40th Relay team to finish!  It doesn’t get much better than that!

Reason #34

It’s week 2 for the ONLY race in town that helps you train and preview the course!  Saturday, April 14th is 6.75 miles that takes you past the Hall of Fame statue and into Kirk Park before you return down Salina Street plotting your sprint to the finish line on Race Day!

Reason #35

It’s iconic!  It’s 40 years old!  It runs to TWO water towers with another hill between!  It lets you touch the Mountain Goat Hall of Fame statue!  It runs by Manley – another Syracuse icon!  It entertains you with cheer squads and bands, including the drums along Colvin (can’t beat those drums driving you up Colvin – pun intended!)!  It runs a relay too! It runs thru beautiful city parks.  It finishes downhill! It finishes with a party in the Square!  That’s TEN reasons and TEN miles!

Reason #36

Train this week on “that” long climb up Colvin Street (and the run to both water towers)!  Conquer this week’s training run and you’ve got this Goat bagged!

Reason #37

Week #4 is a repeat to build your confidence!  Get it done and you’ll know you’ll be celebrating post-race!

Reason #38

By now you know it is the 40th year of Running the Goat.  And this year will mark the FIRST Mountain Goat of Mayor Walsh’s term, so the Mayor will be officially starting our race – this is the FIRST time in the history of the Goat that the Mayor will send off the runners. Be a part of history! And, speaking of history, the BLUE line is back! It will be painted on the entire 10-mile route during Race Week (week of April 30) on a day when the weather won’t wash it away! The Mayor and the BLUE line…might be two reasons, but we’re running short on time, and you are too, so register to run or volunteer TODAY!

Reason #39

The Fleet Feet Sports “Over the Hill” Birthday Bash AND more Mountain Goat prizes!!

Every 40th person that comes in to pick up their packet will win a commemorative Mountain Goat prize – YOU MUST be there to win! We want to give out all 65 prizes, so pick up your own packet for the 40th anniversary Dunn Tire Mountain Goat Run at Fleet Feet Sports in DeWitt and join the fun. Fleet Feet Sports will have amazing sales and deals at both stores, gifts with purchase, birthday cake and other fun ways to get ready for The Goat! Come in and WIN!

Reason #40

The BLUE line along all TEN miles of the course is painted! AND, your run will support the Mountain Goat Hall of Fame induction class. The inductees are:

Dr. David Beach – First Race Director of the Mountain Goat Run and a volunteer at every training run and race every year until he passed away unexpectedly.

Randy Clark – Chairman of Dunn Tire, our naming rights sponsor since 2004. Randy grew up in Fayetteville and without his support through Dunn Tire, there would not be a Mountain Goat Run.

Jerry Smith – Volunteer and participant of the Mountain Goat Run for all 40 years of the event. Jerry is the designer and architect of the current Mountain Goat Course that delivers our downtown and city parks to runners from around the country.