41 Reasons to Run The Mountain Goat

Need some encouragement?  We will be posting 41 amazing reasons to run the Mountain Goat between now and race day!  Keep checking our site every week for the newest reasons.

Reason #41

The first one is a reminder that registering now is great motivation to get moving and get training! You still have weeks to prepare! That’s a TON of time to get in great shape to be ready to tackle those hills.

Reason #40

Have you SEEN this year’s T-shirt? It’s amazing! Don’t miss out on this fantastic race swag for 2019. Register for the 41st annual Dunn Tire Mountain Goat Run to claim your long-sleeve tech shirt, which you’ll want to wear as much as possible – because it looks great and it’s easier than wearing your medal for bragging rights.

Reason #39

Yes, it’s snowy out there but we’re pretty sure it will NOT be snowing on May 5 for the 41st running of the Dunn Tire Mountain Goat Run. So just think of those 10 warm, sunny miles when you begin or continue your training this week.

Reason #38

Need a last minute gift for your Valentine? How about a Bib for the 41st Annual Mountain Goat! You and your Valentine can train AND cross the finish line together! How romantic!

Reason #37

The Goat is iconic. It’s 10 miles, like other legendary races: The Army 10 Miler, The Cherry Blossom 10 Mile, The Virginia 10 Miler, The Broad St Run, Soldier Field 10 Miler. Run the famous Goat, where just like Cheers, everyone knows your name! (Because your name will be printed on your bib!)

Reason #36

Bagels?! Did you know that all runners will have access to delish treats when they cross the finish line? Check out our Post-Race Party Page for more details!


Reason #35

Post-race Party!

Not only will you be able to enjoy bagels, bananas, and other treats after you finish the race…you will also be invited to join our post race party! The party will also have exclusive access to try 26.2 – a new beer from the Marathon Brewing Company!


Reason #34

What was that I heard? Was it the 13 local bands that will be lining the course on race day? Check out our Music of the Goat page for exactly what to expect this year!

Reason #33

We give back! 

Not only is the Mountain Goat a volunteer-run non-profit, but we also give back to the local community with proceeds from the race. Our Beneficiaries page has more information about the organizations we support thanks to our runners!!

Reason #32

To join a great community!!

Whether it’s through volunteering as a ‘Goat Herder’ during the race or joining in on some of the 4  Mountain Goat Training Runs – you’ll be sure to make new friends and join a community of runners! And whether you volunteer or run the race you can celebrate with your new friends at the post race party!

Reason #31

Because goats are pretty darn cute animals. And who wouldn’t agree to run a race with that face looking at you??

Reason #30

So you can eat an extra Glazed and Confused Donut after the race! (Did we mention that they’ll be selling a special Donut in Honor of the race??)

Reason #29

For the fans!!

Not only will you have bands playing music to encourage you forward throughout the run – but you’ll also have cheering fans encouraging you forward! If not for you – run the race for them!

Reason #28

For the HISTORY.

Hey this ‘aint our first time…running up and down the hills of Syracuse. We’ve been doing this for 41 years! Become part of this iconic race and start or continue a yearly tradition!

Reason #27

We’re part of Syrathon!

On your way to complete the 7 Race series of AWESOME runs in Syracuse? Good thing we’re on the list!

Reason #26


But not your average coupon… how about a $10 coupon to The Distillery Pub & Restaurant for all runners at the packet pickup!? As one of The Dunn Tire Mountain Goat’s many amazing sponsors, The Distillery is also offering these great deals for Goat runners:

– The Distillery will be in Clinton square pre- and post-race with more coupons, information and goodies to give away INCLUDING a wheel to spin and an opportunity to enter the raffle for a Date Night Basket.

– During training run dates (April 6, 13, 20 & 27), visit The Distillery with your training bracelet and receive a FREE Crispy Green Bean appetizer with the purchase of an entree.

– And then visit The Distillery the day of the race and receive a free Trio Dip & Chip with the purchase of an entree. And since it’s Cinco de Mayo they will have plenty of other deals, including two-for-one margaritas!

Reason #25

We have a relay!

Have you always wanted the experience of running ‘Goat but don’t feel ready for a 10 mile race? Grab a partner and sign up for the relay!

Both partners will still get medals, a t-shirt, and admission to the post-race party! Check out our Relay Race page for more info!

Reason #24

Adorable Medal Awarders! 

As you cross the finish line you’ll have these cuties greeting you with medals!

Reason #23

You’ll be running among world-class athletes!

Maegan Krifchin, women’s record holder for the Mountain Goat Run will return to Syracuse to run the May 5, 2019 race after her induction into the Mountain Goat Hall of Fame on May 3, 2019 at Little RoundTop in Upper Onondaga Park.  Maegan has won the Mountain Goat 10 Mile Race four times, more than another other woman. 

She earned All-Big East and ECAC honors running middle distances for Syracuse University, graduating in 2010.  Most recently she finished 7th in the 2016 Olympic Marathon Trials.  Head Coach Brien Bell of Syracuse University cross country, track and field, who recruited Maegan to the Orange, said, “Maegan loves to win” and ranks her in the “top three or four of all [SU] girls in terms of competitiveness”. 

Will she set a new record on May 5th?

See Maegan inducted into the Hall of Fame for free on Friday, May 3rd at 6pm in Upper Onondaga Park at Little RoundTop.  Watch Maegan cross the Mountain Goat finish line at Clinton Square just after 10am on Sunday, May 5, 2019.

Reason #22

We will help you train!

Whether it’s through the Mountain Goat Runs or the Fleet Feet Runs – you’ll have a group of runners training with you! No excuses now!

Reason #21

We are the OFFICIAL 2019 10-Mile Race of New York State – awarded by the Road Runners club of America!

Reason #20

We have a Mountain Goat statue! You will run past it while running through Onondaga Park! While you’re there give it a high-five!

Reason #19

Because you’ll be supporting an entirely volunteer-run race that gives back to our local community! Who doesn’t like that?

Reason #18

Because we have tons of great Mountain Goat Merch – including this lil cutie!

Reason #17

Because for some reason you’ve read far enough down to be reading reason #17! Stop reading these reasons and just sign up!

Reason #16

Don’t believe us? Hear for yourself why past runners have decided to run by watching this great Syracuse.com video!

Reason #15

Because we have a Pub Walk

What better way to celebrate a week before the race than drinking with fellow runners?

Reason #14

Because 10 miles is the perfect mileage for a road race!

Have you completed the occasional 10k or 5-mile race but haven’t mustered the courage for a half marathon? Runners World agrees that it’s the perfect length for a race!

Reason #13
The  RRCA (Road Runners Club of America) will be crowning the winners of certain age groups at the ‘Goat!
You could be one of the winners of these categories:
  • Female Open Champion
  • Male Open Champion
  • Female Master 2019 Champion
  • Male Master Champion
  • Female Grand Master Champion
  • Male Grand Master Champion
  • Female Senior Grand Master Champion
  • Male Senior Grand Master Champion
Reason #12

We have a pub walk!

And if you sign up early this year you could steal one of these awesome Mountain Goat Bottle Openers! Sign up today!

Reason #11

We will have SIX water stops (one less than every two miles!) with Gatorade at EACH one!

Reason #10

It will be Cinco De Mayo on Race Day and we’ve got a PARTY in store for Clinton Square! Join us after the race for festivities!

Reason #9

You will be able to go when you need to go! We will have 76 Portable restrooms, including 3 locations along the course!



Reason #8

We will have FREE parking downtown! So the only ticket you’ll have to worry about is from speeding through the course!

Reason #7

We will have a bag check! That means you can stash your stuff and have it after the RACE- that doesn’t always happen!

Reason #6 Who doesn’t love free stuff?!   There will be PRIZES for every 20th person to pick up their packet at Fleet Feet on Friday, May 3rd AND Saturday, May 4th! Reason #5

We will have a SALE of all our awesome Mountain Goat swag in Clinton Square on race day! You can also order online to have your Mountain Goat Outfit in time for race day!

Reason #4

We will be one of the safest races EVER with 71 intersections & 110 barricades covered by police and volunteers to keep cars away from you!

Take that – danger!

Reason #3

Do it for the post-race replenishment! We will have 2,700 bagels, 30 cases of 1/2 pint cartons of chocolate milk, 15 cases of serving bags oges, 200 boxes of chocolate chip cookies and 140 cases of bottled water!

Reason #2

You might get caught in some of our NEW drone footage as you’re passing the Mountain Goat Monument in Onondaga Park! Don’t forget to look up and wave!

Reason #1

Because you got the END of this list! Trust us – reading through all these reasons is MUCH harder than running the Mountain Goat. 

We can’t wait to see you on Race Day! And if you haven’t signed up already – there’s still time!